Hermosa Luxury Concierge


The Hermosa Luxury Concierge is an exclusive Global Luxury Concierge and Lifestyle Management Service. We serve a discerning clientele who expect top-level service at every turn. Whether you require a dedicated Lifestyle Manager, access to Private Red Carpet Events or arrange all-inclusive Luxury Travel, our experienced team are able to help.

Our clients range from entrepreneurs, high-profile individuals, to significant wealth-holders. We assist them in their daily and lifestyle management requirements. From planning your next holiday to a corporate event on a yacht, our expert luxury concierge and lifestyle management team will provide exceptional service.

Our connect worldwide help us to go beyond clients' expectations to provide most comfort, luxe, satisfactory services in Kenya and worldwide.

Key Services

Luxury Item.
Gifts and souvernairs.

Lifestyle Management
UHNWI and the rich.

Exquisite travel.
Bookings on our behalf.

Buying trending fashion.

From limited edition watches to the rarest handbags, our experts can help you source.

Luxury Items

Lifestyle Management

Whether its something mundane or weeks away, we take care of everything.

Luxury Travel

Access some of the most exclusive resorts in Kenya and the world

Luxury Shopping

Upgrade your wardobe or get ready for a red carpet event.

Yatcht Services

Jet Services.
Airline tickets

Film & Tv Events

Sporting Events

Whether its a Yacht Charter for the day to night events in Indian Ocean off Kenyan Coast.

Super Yatcht

Private Jets offered in most cities, whether long or short haul.

Fancy interior Jets

Events VVIP

Red carpet gala

All worldwide sports

Greta view front VIP seats

Day to Day Services.

Security and Transport

Home Relocation Services

Event Management

At your service

Groceries, dry cleaning, sorting your daily chores. Our team are always on hand

We can arrange everything from airport transfers to 24 hour close protection.


Home & Office relocation

Short term lets, purchases and assisting with the whole moving from start to finish.

Events Kenya

Birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, can all be planned by our experts.

Business Consulancy

Financial Services

Property Management

Kenya Business Diversity knowledge

Whether you are looking to grow your business internationally or start a new one, our extensive database can be used.

East, Central Africa Business contacts

Our clients are always looking for everything from funding for a new project to capital investment.

Property Management

Propertiy services include anything from managing multiple properties all around the world to redevelopments.

Serviced Apartments

Hospitable serene luxurious houses with lifts, pool and nearby amenities

Why Choose us

The Hermosa Concierge Service ensures that our team attend to your every need around the clock. No matter what time zone you are in.


The service we provide is second to none. Better than any regular concierge service with the added benefits of discounts through our connections too.

Our network across the globe will ensure that we can get you what you like within the specified time.

It doesn't matter how unique your requirement is we will do our best to carry it out. We offer a proactive service so will always think outside the box

Unlike other concierge companies we aren't just out to spend your money. We will always try and get you the best price for the product or service required

The Hermosa Concierge is available to everyone across the globe. If you have the means then we have a way. We work with partners in all major cities around the world.

Other Services




Armoured Vehicles

When you think of Luxury, think of Hermosa Concierge



The Hermosa Concierge and lifestyle management service offer a complete luxury travel package where you don’t worry about a thing. We take care of everything from door to door. Not only does our experienced travel team take care of all your travel arrangements, but we also ensure that you have all the amenities that you require to have a trip of a lifetime.

If you would like to find out more about our inclusive luxury travel service then please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists or visit the link below.

Excellent – John Dezire - PPS - 2019,  arranged by The Hermosa Concierge


Key Testimonials

Fransisca Andrea

“Hermosa Concierge have helped with the purchase of drawings,sculptures,potraits, customised watches, wears and personalized life management.
Great personal service they offer.”

Stanley Phantom

Image result for usa flag

I had almost purchased a watch,jewellery and wears for $1,000 when The Hermosa Concierge Team found the same one and negotiated it down to $500 for me. Not just content with locating it, they actually also saved me a large amount.”

Fiona Brandon

Image result for uk flag

“I called Hermosa Concierge when my small class Concierge couldn’t get me a last minute reservation  for my 5th wedding anniversary and they did this in no time without any problem.”

Carlos Fernandez

Image result for spain flag

“The Hermosa Concierge Luxury Travel Team was very helpful in planning
my whole trip to East and Central Africa. They also took care of my every
need during my stay.”

Vikta Mushka

Image result for russia flag

Hermosa Concierge organized my fabulous wedding entourage and 
all logistics of event planning.
I highly recommend it.

Hannah Ortiz

Image result for germany flag

Hermosa Concierge organized our Kenya and Tz trip on wild beast migration
smoothly. It was an adventure we loved and long to go back
to visit again through the organized team.

Dezire John

Hermosa Concierge Organised Presidential State visits perfectly
in reliable and marvelous professionalism.

Nonscendo Ronney

Image result for south africa

Hermosa concierge organized serviced apartments and luxury villa during
my office visit. The team helped us save $4,000 in expenses. They are very
informative and reliable. Lifestyle management at its best!

Our Clients

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